Do you think at least one person dies every single day?


I think it's something like one person every 4 seconds.
I think it's many more than that.
millions die per day.....wake up and smell the coffe!
every single hour
Yes, more than one person
theres about a death every couple seconds
every 8 seconds someone dies from smoking from just one cause of it
there are many
then theres car crashes old age overdose suicide murder theres probably a death every 2 seconds i figure
move to houston and atleast 2 are murdered everyday it seems.
yeah 7 billion people at least 500 million old people, more that are sick, yeah ill bet the just the US has at least one everyday, probably hundreds or thousands
More than that get shot in Philly on a daily basis. I think the statisitc is somewhere near 1 death every 4 seconds or so.
its more than one person almost like a million
Thousands of people die everyday.kinda sad..
Of course! Someone just died now.and now.and now...and now...
Think of all the starving people in africa and all the people in the hospital all over the world, you betcha at least one person dies a day
If the average lifespan of a human being is 70 years then every year, on average, one seventieth of the world's population will die. In 2000 the world's population was approximately 6,000,000,000 so around 85,714,285 people die every year. That means 235,483 people die every day. That's around 10,000 per hour.
More than one person dies every second of every day.
One person dies every second and 1 person is born every second!
I imagine many many more than one person die each day.
AT THE VERY LEAST if we are lucky
yeah, cuz they say that theres like a bunch of children that die everyday in thirdworld countries from hunger or illness
One? I live in Philadelphia, Pa, USA and we lose about three a night from shootings. We are up over 200 murders for the year. This doesn't count the aged and sick, traffic accidents. Do you mean worldwide? check out the stats for worldwide
The California Highway Patrol just revised the ACCIDENT death toll for the state highways in 2006. It was 4100 plus.

There are 365 days in a year and traffic accidents claim 4000 people a year in California. That number does not include murders, other accidents, natural death and so forth. And, it is only for one State.

Yeah, I think you're safe to say at least one person dies a day. It is probably in the tens of thousands or more.
Blurry Hell man, and the rest. Move over, I want to get off.
uhhhhh...... YEAH!!!

more than one person probably dies each SECOND... there's a LOT of folks on this planet
You need to know more about the mortality rate.
Its more than one.

An estimated 2 million babies die within their first 24 hours.

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