When you're having an operation, what is the stuff called that they use to put you to sleep?

Question:what actually does put you to sleep. i've never had an operation. my brother has his appendix out, when he was six years old and when he was in the waiting room, they put this special cream on his hand, what was that cream called.

also after an operation, do they give you something to bring you round or do they let you wake up naturally, from the operation.

anaesthetic u mean?
anestetic. They let you wake up naturally.
The thing that puts you asleep is anesthetic you can have local or general. Local is lighter and keeps you awake but you cant feel as much pain . This is used in creams such as germolene or some spot creams and is what they will have put on his hand before putting in the drip which gives him the anesthetic . In most operations general anesthetic is used which knocks you out cold. You come round from anesthetic naturally.
the cream on the hand was a local anaesthetic - just to numb the area ready to take a needle - then you are given some anaesthetic into that needle to get you to realx and go to sleep. you then go onto a ventilator - that takes over your breathing and keeps you asleep
when the operation if coming to an end the anaesthistist will reduce the level of your sleep so you start to come round but will be drowsy and pain free
the cream is used to numb the hand for IV inserting
IV anesthesia medications are instilled thru it
The IV meds are stopped prior to wake up, O2 is given to arouse the person
That would be anaesthetic unless it is a minor procedure and then they use "local anaesthetic" which only numbs the area to be worked on!
General Anesthesia, e.g. sodium pentothal.
Anesthesia-drugs to paralyze and/or 'knock you out', put you to 'sleep'.
I woke up during a critical operation. I carefully moved my finger to tap the Anesthesiologist's hand and get him to look at me. My eyes looking back told him I was conscious and he administered more stuff to knock me back out. There are many types of anesthetics in use today.
He said "OhSchitt! He's awake!!"
After the operation, they wake you up. There are others waiting to use your recovery room space. Time is money.
Local anesthetics, such as lidocaine (Xylocaine) or bupivacaine (Marcaine), that are injected directly into the body area involved in the surgery.
Intravenous (IV) anesthetics, such as sodium thiopental (Pentothal), midazolam (Versed), propofol (Diprivan), or fentanyl (Sublimaze), that are given through a vein.
Inhalation anesthetics, such as isoflurane and nitrous oxide, that you breathe through a mask.
Other medications that are often used during anesthesia include:

Muscle relaxants that block transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles. They are used during anesthesia to temporarily relax muscle tone as needed.
Reversal agents, which are given to counteract or reverse the effects of other medications such as muscle relaxants or sedatives given during anesthesia. They may be used to reduce the time it takes to recover from anesthesia.

Typically the patient is allowed to come out of it on there own in the recovery room.
if you are going to get answers to this question, then you had better have the correct spelling. The General Anesthesia, is Sodium Pentothal. this is an all over general intravenous injection, that will put you to sleep, and is monitored closely by the anasthetist, and you will not get any more than you need, to get the operation done, recovery too is closely monitored, and you can be assured that all is more than usually well, outside of this General Anesthetic, a local anasthetic would be used, say for bone-setting a small bone injury,or tooth extraction. I hope this assures you, and don't worry, you are in the most expert of hands and care too.....Tony M
Sodium pentothal usually.
Hi ya
I know this way thanks to programs like 'Casualty'
If the doc wants to numb a certain area its called a local anaesthetic
If the doc wants you completely asleep during an operation he'll give you a local anesthetic on your hand/arm and inject you with a General anesthetic.
When i had my hips relpaced they put me in the 'recovery room' for me to wake up naturally.
Hope it helps
The correct word would be anesthesia. Take care

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