what do you call a male nymphomaniac?

A Man

Now seriosly.


Nymphomania comes from a combination of two words originally from the Greek: "nymph," meaning a bride or a maiden and "mania," meaning madness or frenzy.
Until fairly recently, doctors, psychologists, and sex experts might describe women who masturbated, performed oral sex, or wanted sexual intercourse in other than the missionary position as nymphomaniacs.

Powerful women, such as Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, and Roman Emperor Claudius's wife, Messalina, were later called nymphomaniacs for engaging in sexual behavior no different from what men in power had always done.

Until 1987, the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual included "nymphomania" as a mental disorder.

The newest nymphomaniac is a sex addict, a recent incarnation of old concerns about too much sex.

Is there a male equivalent of nymphomania? Yes, and revealingly "satyriasis" is hardly a household word.

For most of the history of Western civilization, women were thought to be innately more carnal, more sexually insatiable than men. When that notion changed, women's sexual desire was increasingly diagnosed as nymphomania.

In rape cases, the "nymphomaniac defense" means either that the plainant was driven by uncontrollable sexual desires and consented to the sex or that she was so twisted by lust that she fantasized that she'd been raped when no sexual intercourse occurred.

In a few cases in the 19th and early 20th century United States, women were treated for nymphomania by removal of the clitoris.

What appears to be a contradiction in terms - a "frigid nymphomaniac" - was much discussed in the first half of the 20th century, and meant a woman who was insatiable because she was never sexually satisfied.

Some Freudians maintained that nymphomania was really latent lesbianism, and represented women's hostile attempt to castrate men.

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A pervert. That term can be male or female. Normal Mr. or normal Big Daddy A Satyr. Its from the mythological creature that was half man half goat You know, I've often wondered this myself... I think that the word was really invented to describe women with high sexual frustration (etc.), because women are usually more laidback, and reserved...whereas men think about sex all of the time, and therefore are constantly sexually frustrated...hence a male nympomaniac is...a male.

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