What is the difference between a donkey, a jackass, a mule, and a burro?

Question:Which one is used for what?

A donkey and burrow are different names for the same animal, a small hardy equine used as a pack animal. A jackass is a male donkey though the word is rarely used to describe the animal anymore, just rude jerks.

A mule is very different. It is larger and is the offspring of a mare and a male donkey. Mules are sterile and can only be made from this cross. They are used for hauling large loads in teams most often.
a mule is used like a horse
a jackass is someone like Bush
and a donkey is a smaller animal, used mainly for... well nothing
Donkeys, Jackasses, and burros are the same. A mule is a cross between a donkey and a horse.
wikipedia knows. i don't. i've only ever seen jackasses.
Not much really - they all remind me of my ex husband.
All of them are used for just YOU.

because of asking stupid questions!
a donkey and a mule are both used for farming and things like that, they are the same exact thing, so is a jackass, they are 3 used as different words for different parts of the country. A burro is like a mule except a bigger version, used for helping with larger farming equipment.
None ..They are all ingredients in a McDonalds Big Mac. Enjoy.
I don't know
Try a goggle search on each one.
Donkey is just about the same as a Burro. Sort of like the difference between a black lab and a golden lab in dogs.
Jackass can be Donkey or mule...
Mule is a cross-breed between a horse and a Donkey.
A burro is a small donkey.
Donkey is an a$s, Jackass is a male donkey.
A mule is cross between a female horse and male donkey. They are sterile.

All pack animals I'd imagine.
The Donkey is a logo ...
A donkey is a domestic ***. A jackass is a male ***. A mule is a product of a donkey and a horse. A burro is a small donkey.

They wont print the word a-s-s.
all dese r animals that carry load and r from the horse family
A donkey is a grown mule that lives a farm life
A jackass is one of your friend who luv to do retarded stuff and gets into a lot of trouble and all whats not
A mule is a juvenile donkey that lives a farm life
A burro is what those spanish people would call you in mexico or guatemala when you look stupid or when you do something stupid to them
donkey, smaller version of horse, used on farms
jackass, that guy who just passed you on the freeway
mule, cross bread between donkey and horse
burro, spanish word for donkey or mule
All of them fellas yous arefering to is oanary,you should stick to a good horse.
A Jackass is a male donkey. Burro is spainsh for Donkey, a mule is a cross between a donkey and a horse and therefor is larger than a donkey.

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