Who owns the Ohio River? Kentucky or Ohio?

under Ohio common law the owner of the land beside the stream also owns the land beneath it. If the land on each side is owned by two different owners, then each owns to the center of the stream unless otherwise specified by the landowners' deeds. On navigable streams there is a public right of navigation, spelled out originally in the Northwest Ordinance, which states that navigable waters shall be common highways, forever free to the people of the United States. On such streams, boaters have the right to navigate on the stream, regardless of who owns the land beside it. Because of this, some have claimed that the owners of land beside a navigable stream do not own the land beneath it. But Ohio courts have long held that the owners of the land on the banks of a navigable stream are also owners of the beds to the middle of the stream, as in the common law.
I think the line is down the middle of it. I take that back ... after looking at my atlas ... Ohio does. I live along the Ohio River across from W. Va. It is my understanding that the Ohio River is owned by West Virginia in this area. This does not directly address your question, but it may provide some help. It's called the "Ohio" River!! So Ohio owns it!! My home OHIO Actually the federal government owns it. The name says a lot.I didn't realize anyone could own a river!

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