Why do bulls charge at red cloth?

its a myth bulls are colour blind, thay will charge at anything that p** them off Source(s):
discovery chanel because bulls hate the color red they think its a sine of death and blood Bulls are indeed colorblind. To a bull's eye, a red cape is a gray cape. The red cape, which inspired the phrase "seeing red," is purely a theatrical tradition.

The bulls that are used in Bullfighting are bred very carefully to be very aggressive (that means that they get angry pretty easily). When they are three years old, they are put through some tests to see how aggressive they are, and the most aggressive bulls are brought to the bullfight. When they see the matador waving his cloth (remember that they are colorblind, so they only see a dark grey cloth), they charge at it! Also, in the beginning of the bullfight, the matador stabs the bull in the back of it's neck with swords. This makes the bull especially angry, but the matador does that so the bull can't lift it's head (the swords cut the muscles that lift the bulls head).

A red cloth is used for a couple of reasons- it's pretty for the people to see, and if any blood gets on it, it is hard to see. If you ever watch a bullfight, you'll see that the other side of the cloth is yellow. This is just to make it more decorative. The bull will also charge this side of the cloth.

So the reason bulls go after red cloth is not because it's red, but because they think it's teasing them. Bulls by natural instinct do not drive at red colour. They are trained to do so. Infact bulls cannot recognise colours at all. They are trained to run at any (dark coloured) piece of cloth waved at them. The Bull isn't really mad about the red cloth, in fact any color the bull will surely strike , its the movement of the Matador holding and swaying the red cloth that makes the Bull go after it. Through history red color was always used maybe because people watching the matador easily see them. Bulls DONT charge at red flags...In fact, a bull cant even see colour!
Try waving a blue flag at an angry bull,I assure u that it will chase you... Bulls are colorblind. They'll charge at anything they consider a threat or aggressor.

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