How many copies of moby dick were sold during herman melville's lifetime?

Question:3,000 -- 150,000 -- 500,000 -- 1million

  • Explain the world "explicit" when used in connection with grammars?
  • Does anyone know what the glass ball filled with snow..and a castle whats it called?
  • Why is it that photo gray lenses don't work inside the car?
  • What are the drop out rates for North Forest in 2005?
  • (no wise cracks/purposes of research) Out of 7 mornings how many did you wake up with morning glory?
  • What's your best "junk science" article(s), (usually based on over-zealous persons promulgating their favorite
  • If my hog nosed coon was cold, would it be ok to buy him a coati on Mundi?
  • Whe was Green River mad a city?
  • How many states does the U.S.A. have?

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