Is a 1927 penny worth anything?

Yes, depending on the condition of the coin.
Is it a 1927, 1927D, or 1927S?
1927 from .07 to 10.00 perfect uncirculated new penny condition
1927D from .12 to 40.00 perfect uncirculated new penny condition
1927S from .30 to 70.00 perfect uncirculated new penny

You can bring it into a coin shop to ask someone to look at it for your own information.
I wouldn't be planning any shopping trips on the profit but it might be nice to hold onto.

Imagine, in 1927, someone was spending that penny. That's before computers and TVs and cell phones and before most people had cars. Were there any cars then?

Imagine the gentleman's vest pocket it was in, or the ladies coin purse.
What was the weekly wage in 1927? How much was a quart of milk? Rent? How much was a phone call back then? they probably didn't have pay phones. Phones at all?

It was a different world and you are holding a bit of it in your hand.

You are holding History in your Hand. If that coin could only tell you where it has been.

God Bless you, ;-)
Enjoy your coin!
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