Why did the Hindenburg crash?

Question:I'm just curious.

it didn’t crash, it went up in smoke
The Hindenburg used this stuff called "flammable hydrogen" as the lift gas (the stuff that makes it float of lift up). It's called "flammable“ because it could catch on fire. That's exactly what happened and the Hindenburg kind of blew up. It used to use helium, and it should have because helium is safer.
Explosion of the dirigible Hindenburg, the largest rigid airship ever constructed. Launched in 1936 in Germany, it started the first commercial air service across the North Atlantic and made 10 successful round trips. On May 6, 1937, as it was landing in Lakehurst, N.J., U.S., its hydrogen gas burst into flames, destroying the airship and killing 36 of the 97 persons aboard. The disaster, recorded on film and phonograph disk, effectively ended the use of rigid airships in commercial transportation.
static electricity from that day's bad weather caused the hydrogen to ignite
Several reasons one after the other.

It was lifted by highly inflammable hydrogen gas in large inner gasbags, because America was the principal world source of the much safer helium, and the Americans refused to sell any of it to Germany.

The outer fabric covering was waterproofed by doping it with a highly inflammable chemical mixture.

The outer covering was in many separate panels, with a serious potential for static electricity sparks between panels. There were discharge connections to prevent this, but . . .

The current view is that one panel had lost its connections, then the weather that day encouraged static electricity to build up, then the panel eventually sparked over to its nearest neighbour, then the spark ignited the dope, then the burning dope and fabric ignited the inner bags of hydrogen, and up went the whole vessel.

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