What does it mean to 'humour/humor someone'?

To consent to go along with that someone's idea or suggestion knowing that there's a big possibility it won't work.

J: Hey we could stack them like this!
M: It won't work.
J: Humour me.
M: All riiight... But I'm telling you it wont work.
M: *Stacks J's way. CD cases all fall down.*
It kind of means to play along with someone with the hidden intention of pointing out how ridiculous they are.

It's close to mocking, but it's really more playful than it is hurtful.
To please or gratify someone by doing what they want or wish usually when you do not want to do so
It means to give them company and ammusment. Make them laugh a little.
It means pretending to agree with them when your agreement isn't sincere.
Basically being nice to them. Showing consideration and giving the benefit of the doubt. All without really meaning it, and because doing so serves some purpose of your own.
to patronize them. To pretend to be interested or believe them, even though you really don't just to make them feel good

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