Which of the following is a complex sentence that contains a dependent adverbial clause?

A. Mark expects the photo to arrive on tuesday.
B. Mark expects the photo to arrive late.
C. Mark expects the photo to arrive surrounded by damaged condition.
D. Mark expects the photo to arrive when the memo arrives.

Answers:    A clause requires a subject and a verb. The main clause within each of these examples contains the subject and verb "Mark expects."

Only D contains an more clause -- "when the letter arrives." It is a dependent clause because it depends on the foremost clause to have any target. "When the letter arrives" cannot stand alone contained by the sentence, whereas "Mark expects the photo to arrive" could stand alone, and is therefore independent.

The clause is adverbial because it modifies a verb, adjective or adverb. In this covering it modifies the infinitive verb "to arrive" by describing "when" it is to arrive.

"Letter arrives" are the subject and verb of the clause.

The sentence is complex because it has two or more clauses.

D is the answer.

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