Why do we refer to ships, as She or Her ?

This might be why:

At the time of the ancient mariners even as far back as 500 BC, most were 'married to the sea' due to thier love of the ocean. The ships were their liveihood, their home and their love. As a compliment to the woman they loved they named their sailing vessels after them, telling them that it would remind them of the ones they left behind for the months and sometimes years they have would be gone. This caught on. The 'she' was also given for things of great beauty found in the sea.. ie "Thar she blows!" depicting the massive water spout seen by whaling ships of old which almost all had female names. Even when ships stopped being given feminine names they were still referred to as 'she', but basically this analogy was due to a captain's love for his ship. "Shes a fine ship, Captain" etc...

It’s a term of affection
because the feminists would cry if they were called He or Him. We like to think of these things as family so they need names like QE2
Because they carry the traits of a woman.

She needs to be taken care of in order to respond.

When you clean and give her a new paint job she looks beautiful.

When she breaks down you will do anything to keep her going.

She needs constant attention.

She will bring you through the bad storms.

She will protect you with her guns of fire.

With her bow she capture your attention just as a breast of a woman.

When she pulls into port like entering a room you salute her.

She constantly is working over time to be the best she can be in all the sea.

She needs her rest as she pulls into port.

When she comes back from a long journey everyone is happy to see her.

Even when she grows old she never stops working.

Sincerely yours,
Fred M. Hunter
Well look at the size of their bottoms
Originally all items and objects were either masculine or feminine or neuter. English, however, lost these genders as time past but few have stayed such as calling a boat 'she'. Look at the old languages like latin or greek. Not sure why, in french the boat is a 'he' not a 'she'.
To please the sea goddess Minerva
ship sounds with she

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