Hello.. What's the difference between : Me too and So do I??

when do you use... me too... or so do I... so can I... etc ?? or is the same??

Answers:    Sometimes Me, too or so do I are alike. For example: Suzy loves pizza. Me, too or so do I.
John is clueless about women. Me, too. (You wouldn't use so do I here, you'd own to say "so am I."
George can chomp through 3 hamburgers. Me, too. (Here you would also use so can I.)

If you have time to deem it out, change the sentence around to see what works best.
I do love pizza, too.
I am clueless, too.
I can guzzle 3 burgers, too.

Me, too is simple and non specific.
It isn't the same between "so can I" and "so do I"
If someone say " I really like that shirt" You wouldn't read out "So can I"
me too and so do I seem pretty interchangable
too way also

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