Whats the word for people that like sharp things?

Question:We call people who like fire pyros, so what are people that like sharp things?

btw, I <3333333333333 Knives.

sharpos! no seriously
needlephobia is fear of needles

aichmophobia (fear of sharp and pointed objects),
belonephobia is having an irrational fear of needles,
crystallophobia or fear of glass,
metallophobia or fear of metals

I know someone who collects multi-tools, only the best leatherman tools.

Unless it becomes an obsession or fetish -

I don't know of an actual term for someone who likes a lot or is obsessed with knives or sharp objects. There is a difference in obsession and just liking a thing.

A person who likes and collects knives is a knife collector.

Pyromaniacs are "obsessed" with fire - dangerously so.

For someone who likes knives - collecting can become a hobby.
Aichmophobia is the fear of sharp or pointed objects. The suffix -phobia designates an irrational or unexplainable fear. The suffix -philia designates an unexplainable attraction.

So, someone who is unexplainably attracted to sharp or pointy objects would be an aichmophiliac.

It is entirely possible that this word is not in common English usage, but nobody can argue with the roots. Coin a phrase if you want to.

"I am an aichmophilic aichmophiliac, and I am proud of my aichmophilia!"

I have a friend who is just about obsessed with knives. I should tell him this too. Maybe we can make aichmophilia an everyday, household word!

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