If I gave you $1,000,000.00 with a twist...?

Question:If I gave you $1,000,000.00 and told you, no one knew that I gave it to you and that you could not spend it on any one item that was more than $20.00 until it was all used up what would be first thing to enter your mind and what would most of your purchases be on?

I'd buy savings bonds.

I'd also buy thousands of $20 gift cards from Wal-Mart, Lowes, Sears, restaurants, and give them to homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, women's shelters, animal shelters, senior centers, nursing home residents, VA Hospitals, and so on.

Gee, I had fun spending your money!! Thx!

Condoms. Duh.
Individual stock shares that are worth $20 or less.
"That sucks."
Make that lots of $20 bills.
i would probably buy a bunch of music
I put 20 at a time onto a credit card until I had the whole million to spend whatever on haha! I want a house so like that it wouldn't do me any good
probly food.

lmao oh man im such a fatty.

but thats the only thing I can think of.
T shirst, jeans, shoes (TARGET) ;)
Pop-Tarts. They're so tasty and for twenty dollars I could buy four or five boxes at a time.
I'd be excited, and spend it on whiskey and cigars.
a future. i wanna b a doc thats my dream. i wanna help ppl, make em happy, n i can do that wther im rich or not. then comes my fam. my mom will get millions of that, then 250,000 to charity.
Id have a shopping spree at wal-mart.
I would buy what I would like to buy
I would take the money, disregard your demands(nuts) and enjoy it!
um I already had my first thought and it was poverty. I make it fine on my own already and I live in poverty level, but i mean like third world country dirt poor people going hungry. And considering twenty dollars at a time. Then I guess I would have to give to a thousand charities all in the same month!
Most or all, because most likely all charity....maybe some for college but that's it. I don't need it THEY do :)
I would buy 50,000 items from Wal-Mart...then I would take them all back the next day and get the $1,000,000 in cash, therefore abiding to your rules while getting the 1 mil. back to spend on anything I wanted, whether it was <=$20 or not.
I would buy 20.00 worth of scrap gold over and over again until I spent it all. Then i would cash it in and roll phat!
I would tell you to keep it because the first thing that would enter my mind is I'm not going to allow you to dictate to me how I will spend my money or how much I can spend at one time.Truly that's no gift and not even a nice gesture,its a power play on your part and I don't want to be a pawn in your game of chess.
I would purchase clothes for my children at Kohl's, TJ Maxx, or Target, anything for kids you can buy for under $20. I could probably buy them some shoes at Payless for under $20, too. It'd buy a lot of happy meals or pizzas, too, so I wouldn't have to cook. I would also pay my ISP - $18 - and my long distance bill - only about $10 - $15 a month. Prescription co-pays are only $10 - I'd stock up. I could nickle and dime that $1MM till it was gone.
to be honest, I'd just take it and spend it on whatever I wanted, I really don't think you could stop me
I'd be depressed at first, then I'd just buy a bunch of little things i think is necessary or cute. but I'd still be bummed.
My 1st thought would be OK. My 2nd thought would be Casino here I come. I would go buy 1 $20 chip at a time and go do my thing. I would keep all of the winnings in a separate pot that I could spend any way that I wished.
I would think "great".
I have no idea what I would buy first as
I can buy anything I want now that costs $20.
I would put it in the bank and probably invest it $20 at a time...plus I'd buy lots of 6 packs of Sam Adams.
clothes for the homeless and food for the soup kitchens. then I would buy kids clothes and give them out and with the rest of the money I would give to people of the hurricane to go out and buy things that they needed. Ok.
Books, books, books, a saw a hammer some boards to make some bookshelves, books, books, books (repeat).

Although, I love the idea someone had of giving $20 to various charities and charity cases. I'd try to spend at least 20 percent of it that way.

(-: And I'd give the books away to a good cause when I was done reading them.
I'd donate it all to St. Judes Childrens Hospital...No ****... for real. It costs them a million dollars a dollars a day to keep their doors open. I am not affiliated with them in any shape or form, nor do I have any children of my own. Tis but a wonderful hospital in the south where miracles happen.
P.S. If I did happen to keep a couple bucks for myself...I'd buy like a 99 Toyota Tacoma fully loaded.
I'm with metals guy - $20 would otherwise be junk . . .
I'd get the silver dollars , then turn around and cash them back in.
The first ting that would enter my mind is Keep your lousy money, I don't need it. I've gotten along all right by myself and I will continue to do so. So either give me the money freely, or go find someone else and don't waste my time.
i would spend the whole thing on $20. bills

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