Why do I stutter and say the wrong words when I am talking outloud?

Question:When I am talking to people (even best friends) I say the wrong words - not even words that are similar - and sometimes I stutter very slightly. What is wrong with me ?

probably nerves,some people get flustered when talking for no reason,some are just nervous,sometimes when im talking and trying to explain something to friends i stutter,its as if i know what to say but the words either don't come out or i stutter,
You have a stutter
I get like that sometimes when I'm nervous as social situations can make me nervous (I was bullied a lot as a kid and made to feel very inferior also within my group of friends). Have you been through similar experiences or feel the same way?
You feel nervous around them? That's probably one of the reasons or you're communication skills is probably really low. If you want to improve try talking to yourself in the mirror. After that start talking to people who you feel comfortable around, and soon you'll start to know what to say. That or you are Hyperlexic. I'm guessing you know how to read this, but it's hard for you to express them vocally. If you taught yourself how to read but it's really hard for you to say them, then that's what it is. I'm guessing you can tell your family and friends that or write them that. If I'm wrong then just try to improve on your communication skills.
I did that for a long time - for me it was slight nerves or just not concentrating properly on what I was saying! It passed for me as I gained confidence.
Actually, you may want to discuss this with your Doctor. You maybe having a form of seizures.
There's nothing wrong with you, I do that too. It's not a confidence thing, my doctor said, it's just nerves. The best thing to do is to not rush your speech and think about the words carefully before saying them.
It may be that you are getting ahead of yourself...you can think a sentence much faster than you can say it, so your brain may be on the next word before your mouth is.
There's nothing wrong with you, you are probably just a little nervous you poor little lamb!

Just keep talking to people, as many different people as you can, and you will soon grow out of it.
Whatever you do, DONT go and shut yourself away and ignore everyone. This is the worst thing you can do. It will result in you not getting any practice talking to people and you would probably become even more withdrawn

My advice to anyone who finds it difficult to talk to people is to get them to go to the local mall on a Saturday, sit on one of the benches and talk to a few of the oldies.
They LOVE talking to people and can be very interesting;
you can learn a lot about their different experiences as in what they did in the war?
where they were evacuated to?
did they go back to the place they were originally evacuated from?
how and where did they meet their partner?
etc etc etc
They are amazing conversationalists and I have no doubt that by the time you have done that for a month, you will be fine.

If you are the one to strike up the conversation then it will happen even quicker.

Make it a challenge for yourself.
Go on a weekend and YOU talk and strike up a conversation with, at the very least, 20 people, before you go home for tea!

It takes time, but be confident and act confident and you will win in the end!
It probably runs in your family ... have you asked your parents about that? These things often happen when we are excited, embarrassed or under pressure. Breathing exercises to calm down and slow down can help.

As for using the wrong word, it may come tumbling out of the memory "bin" where you store your vocabulary. Does the wrong word resemble the right word in any way (beginning sound, meaning, associations?) Also, this could be related to attention deficit. If it is bothering you a lot, you should consult a professional in the field of speech therapy.

Some very famous and brilliant people have had problems just like yours. You may also share the creativity and sense of humor that those people used to rise above their difficulties.

You might want to read about some of them at
You didn't give your age, so I really can't make an educated guess as to why you are substituting words when you speak. If you are still fairly young (20-35), I would suspect that you may have faulty neurotransmitters in your brain. If you are older, I would assume you are just forgetting and may have Alzheimer's Disease in your future. As for your stuttering, adult onset stuttering rarely occurs. Stuttering occurs in small children as a normal stage in speech development.

I think if I were you, I would visit a neurologist and tell him about your problems.
Why my friend, you're perfect the way you are ♥
It might just be that you aren't taking enough time to think about what you're going to say, and you're trying to talk faster than brain can think. For example: if this weren't online, I'd never EVER get best answer. Seriously.
You dont mention if you feel slightly tense around them or not, it could just be a stutter or it could be a mild form of epilepsy, . Check it out with your GP. x
you can experience this when your nervous and feel selfconscious in situations i think the best thing to do is try to relax more when feeling this way

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