My solicitor has the letters MA(Cantab) after his name what does this mean help!?

Question:Maybe i'm just a bit thick but I would like to know can you help thanks


Not thickness at all! hehe...

It means "Master of Arts (Cambridge University). The bit in brackets is usually where the degree is obtained. Mine is BA (LaTr) which is short for La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia.

A Master of Arts is awarded / conferred after a further period of study and the submittal of a Master's thesis on a topic of the candidate's choice, within reason...

A MA from Cambridge is pretty prestigious and IS NOT awarded after "The payment of a modest fee" as someone below has said. Maybe in the US where that kind of thing is possible due to a corrupt education system, but MOST definetly not from Cambridge!!

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It means he has a masters degree and he took it in Cantabury?
MA is a masters degree - and I think Cantab means Cambridge (or maybe a college at Cambridge)
An MA is a Master of the Arts and Cantab means Of the University of Cambridge or its alumni.

Master of Arts - Cambridge University.
Solicitors do not have letters that are indicative of their membership of The Law Society.
MA is Master of Arts that you get in most subjects at university for completing a course, like a BA - Bachelor of Arts. To get an MA you need to complete seven years.

The abbreviation in brackets stands for where the degree was taken, but I'm afraid that a couple of the other answerers have it wrong - CANTAB is nothing to do with Canterbury, it is Latin for "Cambridge University" (Cantabrigiensis).
All the previous answerers are guessing, and wrong.

MA (Cantab) means two things.

1. He got a BA (Bachelor of Arts) at Cambridge, which is their usual first degree after 3 years for almost every undergraduate course, irrespective of subject.

2. Three years later, he was still alive, had not been sent to jail for anything, and could afford the modest fee to convert his BA to an MA.

There are a few other minor details, but the above are the essentials of the matter.

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