When did the dumb expression “my bad” replace “am I bad”?

Was I sleeping or something? All of a sudden, grown adults are using this idiotic expression!!

OK…I can follow shortening long phrases so that we can save time, but how exactly does “my bad” shorten our busy lives as opposing just adage “am I bad”. I did a quickly study, and it save exactly .22232 of a second. If you want to adjust expressions, how about Merry Christmas becoming “MC”. Saying Merry Christmas take 2.49 seconds, while “MC take .32 of a second. Now that makes sense!! The other expression make no sense. Plus it sounds very moronic.

What started this mass stupidity??

Answers:    Mass stupidity is the deffinition for a fashion. Probably some little kid said it wrong by mistake and everyone though it was cool, and soon it took over the world we know today. I agree, no point what-so-ever, but I doubt someone could ever deliberate up of 'my bad' on there own, and spread it around resembling some sort of plague.
actually it doesnt replace i am fruitless it replaced my fault, or as ronnie say my mistake.
who knows why? it is stupid i hold to agree with you.

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