what is the word that means to force someone to do something against their will?

apply, bear down, bind, blackmail, burden, cause, charge, choke, coerce, command, compel, concuss, conscript, constrain, contract, demand, draft, drag, dragoon, drive, enforce, enjoin, exact, extort, fix, impel, impose, inflict, insist, limit, make, move, necessitate, oblige, obtrude, occasion, order, overcome, pin down, press, pressure, pressurize, require, restrict, sandbag, shotgun, strong-arm, urge, wrest, wring Source(s):
for e.g. If you love your parents you can do almost anything for them, same tends to spouse, friends, brothers, sisters, even girl friends.
e.g.If your date wants to be with you tomorrow but your friends needs you with them to a theme park, then the choice of selection depends on how well you love both of these. If you love your friends you will get with them. I dont think you will get with the date, cause, dates can be available later in the future. But the loving moment along with friends are hard to get.

thats it,
LOVE IS BLIND wife H O M E W O R K Conscription?

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