In interviews, what do the words around brackets mean?

Question:in interviews for example it says:

like in an interview of Scarlett Johansson

she answered
We did karaoke. [Besides] the karaoke that we shot, we did karaoke the day before we started shooting.

why are the words in brackets?

Words in brackets mean that the editor included these words to clarify meaning. The original author did not include the words in their text.

From Wikipedia:

Brackets are punctuation marks used in pairs to set apart or interject text within other text. With respect to computer science, the term is sometimes said to only strictly apply to the square or box type

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The words are in brackets to make the sentence proper because the way she said it wasnt
she didn't actually say the word besides but the word helps the reading of the interview
It usually means that word is not a direct quote but is added for clarification. It's particuarly useful when taking a sentence out of context. Often times they'll replace a pronoun with its antecedent.

e.g. [Kelly] went to the store. when the actual quote was "she went to the store"

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