What does "It's all good" really mean?

Question:When people say that in a situation what does it mean? From my point of view it is NOT all good. so what are they really saying?

This term could be used to answer:
"What do you like, this one or these?"
(it's all good, translation, I like all of those, or it doesnt matter Ill like whichever one you pick)

"What do you want for dinner, chicken or pizza?"
(it's all good, translation, whatever you pick will be fine)

"are you upset he dumped you for that girl>?"
(its all good, translation, I am not upset, Ill meet someone else)

"I am sorry I forgot your birthday"
(it's all good, translation, I forgive you)

"I made a D on report card"
(it's all good, translation, at least youre still in school you can make up that grade or take the class again)

"Im pregnant"
(it's all good, translation, its ok, youll make it)

"I have syphilis"
(its all good, translation, they have a shot for that)

"I have AIDS"
(its all good, translation, you still have a few good years left, they have made major medical advances in the treatment of this disease)

" I cheated on you for the last three years"
(its all good, translation, you move out, we'll get divorced, no hard feelings"

"I cheated on you for the last three years"
(its all good, translation, i forgive you, lets get counseling, promise to never do it againand stay married for the children's sake)

This comment can be used to say:
I agree.
I disagree but wont argue with you.
I accept.
I am not sad.
I forgive you.
I accept your apology.
That it will all work out.
From a christian perspective :
And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him...
I think you're facing some sarcasm there. I'm an offender on this one: I often use that phrase in the sense you indicate, when it's all not good. But it's an easy way to be polite.

("Ack! I just stepped on your foot!" "(wince) It's all good.")
It's another figure of speech you can't take literally. Like "go jump off a cliff, etc." doesn't mean to jump off a cliff..

But depending on the situation, I'd assume it meant "I'll take it as it comes," or "It won't bother me".
they realy mean "its all good"...simple as that!
It'll be okay, it'll be alright.
its alright
"Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff."
If our attitude is in a healthy place, we can deal with any event, no matter how serious. Then "It's all good" because we are handling it appropriately.

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