What is the difference between a telegram and a telegraph?

Question:If you recieved both and no one told you, how would you know which was which?

The telegraph refers to the equipment used and the telegram (or telegraph message) is the product it produces.
You wouldn't receive both...a telegraph is the instrument used to send a telegram.
A telegraph is the piece of equipment used to
send the message, sometimes known as a
I think the difference is that a telegram is written and a telegraph is spoken. Not sure though...
k a telegram is like a letter and a telegram is the beep beep beep crap
a telegraph is a direct Morse code message from one operator to another, the telegram is the message, typed into text, and delivered to the intended recipient.
telegram =yard
telegraph= meil box and messege
If you're waiting for a telegram, then you're lost in the Twilight Zone! A Telegram was deciphered by the telegraph operator. That means the telegraph was the apparatus used to send a "telegram"
The telegraph is the equipment that sends messages (morris code) & the telgram is the message you recieve from senders today.
well a "telegram" is the message sent from a "telegraph"
a telegraph is a device
while a "telegram" is the product of that device.
Telegraphy, a method of long-distance communication
The telegram is the piece of paper or message you receive. The telegraph is the reference to how it is sent
Ever see the movies where a person is pressing on a device on a desk...pressing long, short, long, long, short. That's a telegraph key. The message is being sent in Morse code. At the other end of the line a person is listening for the dots (short sound) and dashes (long sound) and translating those sounds into letters. Those letters makes words and those are written down to give to the recipient. That piece of paper is a telegram. Later, telegrams were sent my teletypes...an automated typewriter that translated the dots and dashes into letters.
you can also use the term telegraph to mean send a message. for example, your body language might be read by someone else and telegraph your secret thoughts. or the strings in a spider web may telegraph the arrival of dinner when a fly lands.

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