What does the phrase "it's all relative" mean?

Question:Just wondering.

It means that some people believe that there are no absolutes in this world and that every factual thing can be interpreted differently by each person. Unfortunately, they are wrong and it's NOT all "relative." There are absolutes in this life.
Well, I guess that phrase's meaning is relative to the context it's in.
Same as saying "it's all subjective" -- it all depends on each person's perspective, or from each individual's observation.

The speed of a fly sitting on the rear-view mirror in a car going 70 mph is relative: to the person in the car, it's traveling 0mph, but to a person on the side of the road it's going 70 mph. It's all relative.
things can be a big deal or a little deal depending on what other things are going on in your life. Maybe having a car accident is a huge deal, but then if a tornado comes and tears your house apart, the car accident seems small. it's all relative.
What you percieve is relative to the context you are experiencing it or what you are used to. Example.a person with $300.00 in their account says "OMG, I'm so broke", while the next person in line is delighted to find out that they have $50.00 in their account. Being broke is relative to your expectations or what you're used to. It's a comparison thing.
It means whatever you feel it means... lol.

People who say "it's all relative" believe truth changes with perception, and since perception is different for everyone, there is no constant truth. This is a load of bull, of course, but that's what it means.

"It's all relative" contradicts itself, because that would be a constant truth. And if it's a constant truth, than it's not all relative.

The only place it's all relative is on a cartoon. Remember how those little toons could walk off a cliff and stay in the air if they didn't know about gravity? That's how the world would be if it really was all relative.
It means that the truth, or "answer" is subject to it's relationship with something or someone else. For example, Joe thinks he lives in a large home. His home is 1600 square feet. All of his neighbors have homes smaller than 1600 square feet. However, all of Joe's friends live in the next town over, and their houses are all bigger than 1600 square feet. So whether Joe's house can be considered large really "is relative" to what it's being compared to. (i.e. the relationship or comparison between Joe's house and the "standard" by which the evaluation is being made).
It means its all related. Everything is conected to each other in someway.
how something appears from a certain point of view...

quick example:
a candle is VERY COLD when it is compared with the sun...

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