Is there a word spelt "panick"?

Question:I'm learning English.

"Eh...ah...It's..."He is panicking.

I can't find a word spelt panick in the dictionnary. Is it a true world? What's its meaning ?

The gerund for panic here is spelt with a "K" for ease of pronunciation (same with the past tense "panicked"). Similar word: picnic - same applies
He is panicking
He panics
For some reason the english language has evolved in this way, just to make life interesting...
to panic = to lose self-control in situations of danger
It's spelled panic not panick, and it means extreme anxiety or sudden fear
Panic means, fright, terror, dread, anxiety.And just so you know "spelt" means "wheat". The word you want is "spelled"
the root word of panicking is panic. no such word as panick..
Spelled and spelt are both acceptable in English. Spelled is more common, though.
Same applies for dreamed/dreamt.
Main Entry: 3panic
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): pan·icked /-nikt/; pan·ick·ing
transitive verb
1 : to affect with panic
2 : to cause to laugh uproariously <panic an audience with a gag>
intransitive verb : to be affected with panic

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