What are some descriptive words that start with the letter M?


Mortified that you had to ask.
marvelous, magnificent, mad, master, miserable.
there are sooo many out there, what do you need to describe?
maroon, magical, marvelous, monotonous, magnificent, musty, makeshift, melancholy, mad, masterful, mountainous, etc.
manipulative, magnificent, malevolent, malleable, mellifluous, mercantile, mercurial, merciful, malicious, mighty, momentous, moderate, magnanimous, mousy, morbid, maudlin, morose, marvellous, minimal, meaty, mendacious, maniacal, masterful, miserly, messy, melodramatic, mischievous, magical, mysterious, misogynistic, mobile, misanthropic, misellaneous, monastic, masculine, machiavellian, musty, mindful, misty, memorable, malformed, mature, monotonous
marvelous, magnificent, mousey, miniature, minute, measley, moral, morbid, mortified, motionless, motherly, motivating, motorized, movable, muggy, massive, multicolored, mumbling, masculine, musical,messy, musky, mutilated, mysterious, mythological. That help?
malevolent, monstrous, missing, mangled, marvelous, mournful, malignant, holy cow! I could go on forever! Maybe you should be more specific about what you are trying to describe!
massive, muscly, milky, mouldy.
moaner, magic, malicious
mushy, musty, masterful
I find this question quit mesmerizing. My meticulous, meandering mind would not remain motionless until I mentioned a most magnificent word, meatball!

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