If someone says your lovely looking what does it mean?

They are being nice!
it means you're ugly. They're faking it
if i said it - it would mean that your fit but you are slightly out of reach
That you are lovely looking I would imagine.
it means you're average lokking but not beautiful sorry
If it's a stranger, perhap they just want you to know that that's what they think ?

A compliment.
They are trying to tell you that you look pretty. Was this an older person that said this? That isn't common language now a days. :)
It means that you look pretty in how your dress, carry yourself, and exude. Usually on any given day, I'll see 5 or 6 women that have that effect on the visual judgment of my fiery male eyes.
ok there are lots of different things this could mean
if i said it about you, i would mean like you look lovely, cute, like a pretty flower you know?
but if you were ugly (sorry!!) and you say errrrr i look gross today i'm so ugly, then i'd probably say nothing or no your not.
but i can understand why people would use the 'lovely looking' as a way to not hurt you!
If a girlfriend says this to you,she is being bitchy.Really means my god you have gone out in that outfit,looking like that,This is also the same thing a gay man would say and think.If a man says this to you ,he wants to give you one.
It means just that you look lovely ,it's a compliment.
It would mean that you look lovely!
It means your look makes it easy for anyone to fall in love with you.

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