How does someone become a dame or sir?

To become a "sir"or a "dame", the Queen of England must honor you with this designation. For a man, it is called a "knighting" ceremony. This began back in midevil times. Knights were so deemed for bravery in the face of danger.

Today, Queen Elizabeth honors individuals for various reasons - primarily because of their contributions to England. Many entertainers have been knighted, like Sir John Gielguld, or Sir Laurence Olivier.

In order to be given these titles however, you must be of English birth.
you become a dame when you have long red hair, a long red dress, and a lit cigarette in your lipstick too

and then you become a sir, when your to old to be young and to young to be old
knighted by the queen of england
You have to be knighted.

Sir= Man who was knighted
Lady= The wife of a man who was knighted
Dame= Woman who was knighted in her own right
By order of the reining monarch.
You have to be English like Judy Dench or Paul McCartney.
Do something the queen (or king--whoever is reigning) thinks is pretty special.
You become a dame when you don't care about anything anymore and you become a sir when you do care and have good manors.
you have to do something really great for england. then, the royalties will knight you.

the most known sirs and dames are in the entertainment world.

sir michael gambon (dumbledore in Harry Potter 3, 4, 5) and sir ian mckellen (magneto in x-men, teabing in the da vinci code) have proved the englishmen's excellence in acting. the woman who portrayed M (judy dench) in james bond films is a dame..

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