MC or Emcee I'm really confused!!!!?

Question:What's the difference???

The full term for this position is Master of Ceremonies, the leap of which is MC. But the full term is such a "mouthful" that it is almost other referred to by its abbreviation. The shortform have so completely replaced the longform that it has become a "word" within its own right and this "word" is conventionally spelt "emcee", which, to complete the circle, has practically become the label for the position.

it doesnt matter MC is short for emcee

it doesnt matter MC is short for emcee

MC is master of ceremonies. I don't really muse there's a difference. It's just a event of spelling.


I guess MC is more appropriate since it stands for Master of Ceremonies

emcee is freshly a longer version of MC Read immature one....Read


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