Whats a "hussy"?


A hussy is a derogatory term for a woman which usually means a woman who is "easy". Sometimes the phrase "brazened hussy" is used, suggesting a woman who is not only easy, but also advertises the fact. However this not used very often these days.

Strangely, the original meaning referred to a red-haired housewife - the word 'hussy' was originally 'hussuff' (I'm not sure about the spelling).
a s.l.u.t.
a s l u t
a very dirty lady ;) aye aye !
huge p*ssy hussy

1: A woman considered brazen or immoral.
2: A saucy or impudent girl.
Singer and Guitarist with the Mission.
My grandmother used that term often to decribe sexually permissive women, women that flirted too much, or did not keep private about the subject.

She also used that term to decribe women that flirted or approached married men.
When the pipe marks on a crack ho's face get infected and fill with pus they call call them a "hussy."
i would say a girl that never sticks to one man lettin men touch their bits in public places.
basicly a flirt i spose. so many ppl have different opinoins..
What i'm looking for!
An impudent or immoral girl or woman.
a s.l.u.t.
A lady that is nasty... She likes it and is not shy about letting men know. Kinda like a ****..
A woman that has affairs with another woman's husband.
A little hussy. A word of slight contempt, though in some counties it seems to mean simply girl, as “Come hither, hussy.” Of course, the word is a corruption of housewife or hussif. In Swedish hustru means woman in general. It is rather remarkable that mother in Norfolk has given rise to a similar sort of word, morther, as “Come hither, morther” —i.e. girl. Neither hussy nor morther is applied to married women. In Norfolk they also say mor for a female, and bor for the other sex. Moer is Dutch for woman in general, and boer for peasant, whence our boor.

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