What's the meaning of "keep me on my toes"?

Question:I'm learning English.

"It'll help keep me on my toes. I tend to relax when I'm with you."

What's the meaning of "keep me on my toes"?

In the English language, the phrase "keep me on my toes" is called a "clichè". A clichè is any commonly used slang English phrase with an inferred or implied meaning. Sometimes they are traceable to some popular historical event or historical cultural era, and sometimes they've been around for so long that no one is sure where they come from.

"Keep me on my toes" is a clichè that means "keep me alert, aware, and prepared" so you will not get caught off-guard (off-guard is yet another clichè.

Although I could not find this particular clichè in my dictionary of clichès, I recommend that anyone who speaks English as a second language obtain this dictionary of clichès. I included a citation of the dictionary below, although I did not use it in this reply.
It means to be alert and more careful ^_^.
It will keep you bright eyes, bushy tail. (full alert).
means same thing as keep you on your toes, stay on your toes. etc.
it means TO KEEP YOU GOING...see, you use your feet(and that is where your toes are) for walking...and when you walk..you are going somewhere..also, ballet dancers dance with their toes.and to relate that to you, TO keep you on your toes, means TO KEEP YOU UP...TO KEEP YOU MOVING!!..
It means "keep you alert".
Someone or something that keeps you on your toes forces you to continue directing all your attention and energy to what you are doing.
When somebody wants to "keep you on your toes" they want you to always be aware they are close by, watching, keeping a close eye on the situation involved. You never know when you'll "turn the corner" to find them right there.
haahahaha...stay alert!!!
"keep me on my toes"means that somthng keeps u working, busy. tht u are always working on the thng and it keeps u busy.
It is to keep you alert. You wouldn't be casual about what is going on.

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