What does it mean when one says "Ya gotta give him 'props' "?

Question:I think it means to give credit; kudos. But is "props" short for something? Where & how did this term originate?

According to wikipedia, props originates because it is an abbreviation of the phrase "proper recognition"

Nowadays, props can also be used in a congratulatory tone, e.g. props to your performance in the play. It can also be used in admiration, e.g. props to your bike.
props is short for propers.
Check this out.
Props means respect. Ya gotta give him respect!
1. Props:
proper recognition
I give him props for sleepig with Venessa

2. Props:
respect, recognition
Gotta give that girl props for her web site...

3. Props:
props is short for "propers" as in, "proper respect"
On 13 Dec 2001, Joe M**** answered the question on Deja News. Here is how it is explained:

Props, short for Propers, -Don't forget that the entire word "propers" is used in the song "Respect", written by Otis Redding and most famously recorded by Aretha Franklin in 1967. At least, I think it is ("all I'm askin' in return honey is to give me my propers when I get home")-

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