Why can't asians do that "R" item?

Question:The Japanese can, but Chinese, koreans and Viets can't.

Well, I'm sitting with a group of 8 Japanese (as I pretty much do once a week) and I asked them your Q purely now. This is what they said ~ It's a bit difficult for us to pronounce "R" as well as "L", "V", "TH" and a few other junk mail or combinations of letters because they are those letters/sounds that aren't used contained by our everyday Japanese. SOME of us aren't accustomed to forming the letter(s) with our mouths or making the correct nouns. We're just unused to it so when SOME of us speak English, which is foreign to us, we have some difficulty. It's not planned! It would be the same for some "foreigners" trying to speak Japanese and using "tsu", "gyo", "ryu" and such, they newly don't get it. Think roughly speaking it. We stress SOME because many Japanese ancestors don't have the problem and pronounce "R" and adjectives sounds perfectly. ~~So Coffee, in that you have it, straight from the mouths of Japanese, who adjectives speak English exceptionally well I might put in!
Because... I dont know. Why dont you google it? Excuse me.... Asians? Indians are very moral at it....rrrrrr. Its juat the chinese they replace the r with an L most of the time

oh rearry?


Once was asked by waitress if I considered necessary the FLIED LICE & LOOT BEER.

possibly similar to why empire have accent, their languages and speech.

and i know chinese/koreans/viets that can! Language is a intellectual behaviour while the formation of your tongue is a hereditary/genetic formation.

If Japanese don't own the use of the "R" in their vocabulary it is not expected that their spawn develop the proper tongue formation. It is a form of adaptation, their tongue have never adapted to the use of rolling the "Rs," hence their lack of adapt. Why are you picking on Asians? Why not ask why the British drop their Rs -- or why Bostonians and Carolinians drop their Rs?

For that matter, you could ask why Minnesotans stick an extra R into words close to "Warshington" or why Texans have such a concrete R.

As for Asians, it probably has to do near the fact that they don't pronounce them surrounded by their own languages.

Do you contemplate the Belgians wonder why we don't trill our Rs? i tend to think of the dropping of the R surrounded by relation to the english. i don't know why, something to do with the diction i quess.

when you find out the real answr, tolerate me know I have no perception....Just the way they are I suppose

japanese cant. cause they dont enjoy that sound on they correspondence.
i think chinese can, but not sure.


soaring school student within japan.

The ASIAN category is too wide open. The languages that do not use the R nouns are most related to spoken Chinese and will have the R "ploblem." Japanese use R adjectives the time, so no ploblem. On the other hand, the Japanese own SERIOUS "L" probrem! Prus, they have rong words containing frequent syrraboes, each syrrabo must contain at reast one vowo.

Prease do not rump Chinese near Japanese.

Lememba, two longs don't make a street lamp! Every language is different!

Lots of Asian language have no specific 'l' or 'r' nouns, just one nouns which is somewhere in between an l and an r. The Japanese one is closer to an 'r'. But surrounded by practice it varies from region to region of the country, and town to town of the region, and even from personality to person! So, because they don't hold different 'l' and 'r' sounds in their talking, they have great difficulty distinguishing between them when they hear them, and even greater difficulty truism them differently - unless when they were babyish they learned a tongue which DOES have those sounds, after their ears adapt to the nouns, and their tongue is more likely to be capable of create the sound!

I'm English, and I enjoy GREAT trouble pronouncing the Japanese りゅ (ryu)!! It's just totally beyond me!! (Maybe I'm merely too old!)

By the instrument ... have YOU ever tried authentic Russian pronunciation????? I really reflect you should!! You might understand Asians who can't separate 'l' and 'r' if you try!!

Or conceivably one of those African languages ... there's one which mostly consists of 'clicking' noise!! Try pronouncing THAT!!!! language is scholarly..but please don't generalize, some Asians don't have never experienced that.. I don`t know they have difficulty axiom 'r' coz they don't have it surrounded by their language..

what if we do it the other passageway around? how 'bout if the English-speaking people speak the Chinese, Japanese, etc, etc.vernacular..im sure it won't be a piece of cake..and i know that they will still have their English/American articulation, same as some Asians still have their accent when speaking the English language..

and conceivably some Asian countries have the difficulty of speaking English coz this be not taught and given much stress in arts school..but, if only this be taught, i don't estimate they would have any difficulty wise saying the words,etc.. Some pepur have no sense of humol.

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