Tagalog translation of Filipino Traits?

It really amazes me how we have a great big vocabulary for the weirdest characteristics, but a small one for our polite traits.

Can anyone help me find the Tagalog translation of the following words:
1. Close relationships
2. Hospitable
3. Resilient

If the definition of resilient is "recovering speedily: able to restore your health quickly from setbacks" (Microsoft Encarta), will the word MATATAG apply?

Answers:    1. magkalapit
2. magiliw sa mga panauhin
3. matatag finances strong in english.the definition of resilient is kunat contained by tagalog if used as a noun.
The Tagalog language is contained by other words, a very flexible language. What I aim is that, you have to hold a sentence for the proper word, phrase, sentence so it can be translated with the proper tagalog word/words into a sentence that portrays what you are trying to say aloud. Eg. 'Resilient' that could also mean 'matibay', 'malakas' etc. It really depends on the sentence if you know what I show?

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