What do "Shang Hied" and "El Duche" mean?

Question:I heard these on Gilmore Girls. I'm assuming that to Shang-Hi someone is to "attack" them (not in the literal sense) and El Duche means something like "The Head Honcho". But since most witticisms on Gilmore Girls have a popcultular meaning and background, where do these terms come from and am I right about the meaningS?

In San Francisco's Barbary Coast days, men would be kidnapped from bars and forced to be a sailor on ships to Shanghai, China - hence the term shanghai'ed. There was nothing they could do. Typically they were drugged and woke up on a ship at sea. It was either be a sailor or get thrown overboard.

Il (Capital I, Small L) Duce was title of Benito Mussolini - Italy's dictator during WWII. I think it means The Leader in Italian
Shanghaied is being snatched up at a port and being made to serve on a ship. Il Duce was Italy's Mussolini.
El Duche is Italian for "The Leader", it's what Benito Mussolini called himself when he was the leader of Italy. as for "Shang Hied" i am not sure

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