How do you pronounce manuel??

manual as in labour..then sounds manyul??
or manuel as in the name, then sounds manwell??
are you from Barcelona come here you silly little man
man you L


man u el


man u ul
The real pronunciation [Hispanic, its the only way i can describe it] is 'mah-noo-el'

the English [again, the only way i can describe it] is man-yu-ehl
but say it fast so it sounds like man-well
the phonetic way is "man-u-l" or "man u-el"
Mahn-well or Man-well (more american). I don't mean to be rude but don't listen to the people that would separate the u-el. That part is pronounced well.
man well

like in faulty towers - manuel - i from barcelona - i know nothing...........
Its pronounced MANWELL

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