What is the definition of a "soixante-huitard"?

A soixante-huitard is a participant in the student and workers' protest movement of May 1968, or even by his ideas were similar to those who were within these events.

In May 1968 a general insurrection broke out across France. It quickly began to reach near-revolutionary proportions before being discouraged by the French Communist Party, and finally suppressed by the government, which accused the Communists of plotting against the Republic. Some philosophers and historians have argued that the rebellion was the single most important revolutionary event of the 20th century because it wasn't participated in by a lone demographic, such as workers or racial minorities, but was rather a purely popular uprising, superseding ethnic, cultural, age and class boundaries.

This term can take a more or less pejorative aspect according to the circles in which it is used. In that case of use, the term groups together(includes) the most utopic ideas who were current in the revolutionary circles, notably those approaching the anarchism and the anti-progressive attitude, either those similar to a humanism completely untied(removed) from the realities of the human being as social animal

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