What does "multiple intelligence" mean?

Question:please define and thnx

The term "Multiple Intelligences" was proposed by Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner in an attempt to broaden the spectrum of human abilities that are included in the concept of intelligence. Gardner suggests that intelligence is not a single thing but a combination of seven different abilities:

1)Linguistic intelligence;
2)Logical-mathematical intelligence;
3)Spatial intelligence;
4)Musical intelligence;
5)Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence;
6)Interpersonal intelligence;
7)Intrapersonal intelligence.

He came to the above findings while working with patients that had different parts of their brain damaged as a result of illnesses and accidents. The examinations he conducted convinced him that the brain has different areas that function independently of each other. Thus, he formulated the 7 different intelligences.

The theory has caught the attention of a lot of people (especially some working in the education field) as a hope for better educational methods and redefining the way intelligence is measured and conceived.
means ur really smart at different things
Most people are really smart at one thing but Multiple Intelligence means ur smart at lots of things
there are 7 "ways" of being smart, multiple inteligences means that you are good in more than one of them. There are musical, rythmical, logical, mathmatical, mechanical, artistic, and linguistic. =D

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