What are some rhyming word pairs?

Question:I need the rhyming word pairs of these phrases

A friend who does not show up in time
a naughty boy
a crude guy
a beetle's cup
a lengthy tune
an overweight feline
twice as much bother
a girl from Switzerland
a skinny horse
a 100-watt bulb
a comical rabbit
a happy boy
a loafing flower
a home for a rodent
without money
a irritated employer
fake coins

i dont get it
late mate
bad lad
rude dude
long song
fat cat
to do
swiss miss
boney pony
bright light
funny bunny
glad lad
mouse house
no dough
cross boss
funny money
that was fun i'll try and get the others and let u know

just seen toms answer .....ok i,ll give you those thx for completing the question
I'll take the two pts Profstella add bug/mug and lazy/Daisy

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