Do you think its offensive to call a younger woman mam instead of miss?

Question:at a resturant i called our 20s something waittress mam and she said do i look that old? miss would be nice then i thought maybe its offensive to call young females mam?

Yes its offensive. Mam is what you call older women. Miss is better
Yes, it kindof is. Stick with miss.
I don't think it's "offensive" exactly, but I can tell you as a server myself, I HATE it when my guests call me "ma'am". LoL I don't know why, I just don't feel old enough to be a "ma'am" yet.
Yes, since "mam" means mother.

You should call them "Ma'am," which is short for "Madam," and implies no familial relationship.

If you took everything that everyone takes offense at to heart, that's all you';d spent your day doing. So forget it.
it's ok because it's their job to treat with respect they said yes mam or yes sir to the customers sometimes.
you know what that waitress was rude where i come from that is a term of respect and she should know better . you should have reported her to the manager and shoud not have left a tip. good luck and you were right she was wrong .
It depends on your tone while saying ma'am. :)
I don't care but I know that some people do which is strange to me. Try calling an older women Miss and see what happens
not offensive but it does make women feel old. It is a polite but when talking with a young lady miss would be better. Just so you wont make her feel too old LOL. i hate being called mam just bc it makes me feel old but its not offensive. IT is very polite. so i do not say anything when people say it to me. I know that is the way there were raised up. In the south that is very comon for someone to say mam and if you do not you are considered rude. Learned that fast. I did not call someone mam i said yes bc where i was from YES was polite and YA was impolite when someone said susy come here you say yes i am comming but here int he south you say YES MAM i am comming. so anyway that is why i dont like it but it is polite not offensive to say mam
I think its a very high sign of respect to be called ma'am its the shortened for Madam in France.
Personally, yes, I would be offended if you called me ma'am. I have a name and if you know it, I would prefer to be called by it. But ma'am or Miss either one will get you ignored by me. Everyone is different, tho' so she may be OK with Miss. Ms. usually works better, in my opinion tho'
Some women take offense to it because Ma'am is used when referring to an older woman. I don't take offense to it, but it does make me feel old. But it goes the other way around too. Some women don't like to be called Miss because it makes them feel too young. It's hard to know what to use sometimes. I think that waitress just has a stick up her butt.
it is offensive. even an older person likes to b called miss not mam
Well I don't know about "offensive" - I mean its not like you called her a b*tch or something. But yeah, Ma'm is actually short for madam which implies an older woman. Misses or Mrs. implies a married woman. And Miss is reserved for a younger unmarried woman.
why refer to them as anything. just say thankyou.
I don't think it is offensive. It's just the younger generation doesn't know how to take manners. I think miss sounds rude a lot of time. I would continue to use ma'am. She probably just doesn't how to accept the fact that she is growing older :)
There is no age limit to being respectful. I think it's silly to assume you are saying she is old.
I teach my daughter(2 y/o) to say yes ma'm instead of ya which is such a bad habit most of us have.
Personally, I do not think it is offensive but I am of the older generation. This younger generation has some weird beliefs. lol
It's not improper, fact it show a good measure of respect for the waitress. However, those of us who grew up from about 1960 and later (that would include me, born 1956) were raised in a time where the titles "sir" and "ma'am" were used a lot less than in earlier times. Since we weren't as used to using those terms, a lot of us aren't real comfortable when others use them when addressing us.

I know I'm still a bit uneasy being called "sir." Not so much when I'm shopping or eating out, since cashiers, store clerks, waiters, etc. often call everyone "sir." But in everyday situations I'm still not used to being a "sir." Example---at the local mall the other day, a 20-something young lady pushing a stroller stopped and asked me where a particular store was. After I told her, she responded, "Thank you so much, sir." I had to resist the urge to tell her, "Hey, knock off the 'sir' stuff...I'm not a sir."

Since politeness toward a waitress is something to shoot for always, let me offer this advice.always use "miss." Some younger waitresses might bristle at being called "ma'am," but a lot more middle age and older servers will be flattered with "miss."

Am I babbling? Yeah, seemed like it to me to.just having a senior moment, y'know? Good luck.
It offends me, so yeah. I wouldn't even look if someone called me ma'am.
Not at all, but the caller should call the person with a sweet and sexy voice.....hi maam

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