Spelling diagnosis vs diagnoses?

Question:I work in an office where I regularly receive poorly written memorandums. Everything from no commas, all caps, no date, etc. I received a memo where diagnosis was spelled diagnoses. I quietly pointed out to the writer that is was spelled incorrectly. She insisted that either way is ok. I have searched and don't find "diagnoses". Anyone know the answer?

problem with foreign words!

singular: diagnosis
plural: diagnoses

more problems!

singular: memorandum
plural: memoranda

cf: phenomenon, phenomena

You are welcome
diagnosis - singular
diagnoses - plural
I believe Diagnoses is the plural form and is pronounced "dye ag no seas"
Her spelling is correct if she intended to use the plural. If she was going for the singular, she's wrong.

diagnosis -- singular
diagnoses -- plural

While others have been quick to point out that the plural of memorandum is memoranda, and not memorandums, it seems that the use of "memorandums" has become sufficiently frequent that the word has essentially gone legit, earning its place in pubs such as Merriam Websters. (Nonetheless, it *is* true that people who are interested in good grammar and good spelling look down on the use of "memorandums" over "memoranda" -- I know the editors and journalists where I worked would have scoffed -- and if you are going to take the position with others that you know better you may want to keep that in mind.) Also, your use of the word "spelled" is correct -- some verbs, and "spell" is one of them, have both regular and irregular past tenses. For "spell," either "spelt" or "spelled" would be correct. You may well know all of this already. But in case you didn't, well....there it is.
"Diagnoses" is the plural form of the word "diagnosis", so only one can be correct at a time, depending on whether it is used in a plural or singular context.
one diagnosis
two diagnoses

just for the record:
one memorandum
two memoranda!
diagnosis is singular, where as diagnoses is plural. it means identification of disease base on the symptoms.
Yes; as No 1 character says, '...is' is singular and '...es' is plural.

Also, while you're at it, be careful about being 'too smart' because I think the real plural of 'memorandum' is 'memoranda', not 'memorandums' ... but I have not checked it, and leave myself open for correction there.

I believe, for instance, that the plural of "phenomenon" is 'phenomena', but, again, neither have I checked that.
So, just don't be too ready to criticize people's lingo; occasionally, we can find ourselves euchared ... or is that 'euchred' ... or ...
Diagnosis is singular.
Diagnoses is plural.
And you could do with a bit of a 'spell-check' yourself.
Buy a dictionary, and find out the difference between 'spelled', and 'spelt'.
You may learn something.
Diagnoses is the plural of diagnosis.
diagnosis is the singular form of the word
diagnoses is the plural form of the word
Diagnosis is singular
Diagnoses is plural of diagnosis

ALSO - I think you can say that someone diagnoses a disease also.
es means plural
To ”douglas b”, the TOP CONTRIBUTOR

You could do with a new dictionary yourself.
If you checked (which you advise the asker to do),
you might find that both forms, ”spelled” and ”spelt”,
are equally correct and accepted throughout the
English-speaking world.

So, to quote you:
”And you could do with a bit of a 'spell-check' yourself.
Buy a dictionary!
You may learn something.”

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