Faulty anology that is a fallacy?

Question:Can somebody give me some examples of faulty analogies that are fallacies?

first of all it's spelled analogy. A faulty analogy results in a logical fallacy.
A faulty analogy is one that is made up of false comparisons, or leaves out important differences which make it weak. So, if you compare a truth to a something that is different, the result is a false comparison.

An example of where important information is left out:

Doctors are allowed to look up difficult diagnoses in their textbooks, so students should be able to look up difficult questions in their texts.
There is no comparison; students are not doctors and do not have the properties of a doctor.

form of fallacy:

B has property P
Therefore A has property P

An clown is like a comedien
A comedien has excellent stage presence
Therefore a clown has excellent stage presence.

The conclusion is hardly necessarily true. The logical conclusion is fallacious.

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