What is the difference between first floor and ground floor?

Question:I read it in a novel. It was saying about a backwoods modern style. Author mentioned both first floor and the ground floor. It must be different.
But I am not sure which one is which...

Depends whether you are in the UK or almost anywhere else in the world.

In most countries the first floor is the first floor (ground floor) then 2nd 3rd etc.

In the UK you have the ground floor then when you move up a floor you have the first floor!!

On this occasion I think the rest of the world seems more sensible.

In China and most places I have been, the 1st floor IS the first floor - it makes sense doesn't it?
The ground floor is the one at the bottom and the first floor is the one above it. If you live in a first floor apartment, you are one level up from the ground, ground floor is usually level with the ground.
usually about 10 to 15 feet
In the UK , first floor is the one immediately above the ground floor.
The Americans use first storey where we would use ground floor
It is different to the US. The ground floor is the one at ground level. The one above it is 1st floor etc.
the ground floor is actually at ground level while first floor is above it
In the UK, the ground floor is the building storey at ground level; the first floor being the first storey above ground level.

In the US, the first floor is regarded as the storey at ground level. There is no 'ground floor' in the US.
The US uses first floor, UK (and I guess other countries) use ground floor.

ground floor = 1st storey,
first floor = 2nd storey,
second floor = 3rd storey etc, etc, etc.
What we in the Uk call ground floor and first floor, the Americans say first floor and second floor.

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