Why do so many people have poor grammar and spelling?!?!?

Question:We have spell check, and online resources such as the thesaurus and such. Why is the English language in such poor shape now? (I'm referring specifically to a McDonald's sign that read: "Their grate", I drove past it yesterday.)

Grammar : people do not read enough
Spelling : they rely too much on computers and a lot of them tend to spell according to how the word is pronounced, and the introduction of text/instant messaging encourages them to use short-forms..
I'am not shure whot yoo our tolking a bout? Ha ha, I agree with you, I think it is horrendous. Possibly because there is a total breakdown of English as presented in contemporary art and music. Z's used in the place of S's (Boyz II Men), the influx of Ebonics, to the point that some people do not know the proper use of words anymore. Spellcheck is also a major contributor, now you can type words on the computer, spell them incorrectly, and the computer will fix it without even telling you. How will you learn if you do not realize your mistakes?
I think you sort of answered your own question. Because of the technology available to students now growing up, when they have to exact their grammar skills away from a computer or thesaurus they can't perform well. People have become so dependent on technology to help read and write, that skills have diminshed over time. In addition, there is less of an emphasis on face-to-face communication, with the introduction of cell phones and email.
They probably do it on purpose just because their friends are doing it too.
Public Schools
That's why homeschooling is so popular.

We got away from the basics.

How much sentence diagraming is done.

Grammar and Comp should be taught each year in school. There should be TWO English courses. Lit and Grammar. Lit can be now and then, but GRAMMAR should be in every semester from grade 5 to grade 12.

Each semester should be treated like a masters thesis. Which means re-writing until you get it right.

History and Science should also be involved. Everyone should be required to write a paper each semester using the Chicago Manual or a similar fomart, with annotations and footnotes.
an illustration of a comparison best explains this...
from my own experience, i have become witness to a lot of comparisons between well-educated Americans and Filipinos (citizens of the Philippines, and no, they don't live up trees, dumb-dumb). The best reason i see is that because Filipinos take English as a foreign subject but use it as a native language, they in turn hone their skills through colloquial conversation but hone their grammar through proper, formal education. A lot of Americans just take English for granted because they see it only as a native language and it seems to them unnecessary to waste so much time formally studying it.
To be fair, the same instance can be seen when a great number of Filipinos are not necessarily adept at speaking or writing their original mother tongue which is Tagalog or Filipino (the language). My friends are living proof of this. Many upper-class Filipinos learn to speak in Filipino only when they start formal school, but their first language is English. interesting, huh? The same, in a sense, is perhaps observable within American society, too.
I was thinking about this very question as I was discussing how math has been going through the same thing. I was talking with math professors. I wondered if the language people were seeing it too.
I fink it may, b cause pplz is getting stupider and 4gettin how to zpeeks proper english

I have never personally seen a McDonald's sign quite like that but the English language (grammar spelling) hasn't really gone that downhill it's just when people talk online they usually use numbers bad grammar and such to write quicker and to look kewlz .
Once upon a time spelling was a subject in schools. You were told to go and correct you mistakes by the teacher. Now anything goes and technology has made things worse. I am glad to say that I very rarely spell check.
I believe that people are getting lazy. It takes too much time to do things right. Perhaps the person who put up the sign just didn't think that it was worth worrying about for his/her $5.50 per hour to do it right. Or, maybe, as is the case sometimes in the advertising business, they are trying to get our attention. After all, would you really have noticed the sign if the word "great" had been spelled correctly?

I also think that the schools are far too crowded and the teachers don't have the time to help the bad spellers, grammaticists (?) and the others that fall behind. They are told to "teach to the middle". That means that they are to teach to the majority of the class and hope that the ones that fall behind will catch up and the ones who are ahead will not fall asleep waiting for the rest of the class to catch up! That is why I homeschool my son. I feel that the language arts is one of the most important subjects in school. It irritates me when people use incorrect grammar or misspell. Oh, I can overlook it once in a while, we all make misstakes (LOL). That is why I emphasize grammar, spelling and vocabulary with my son. Sometimes I find myself correcting him when he makes a grammatical error while speaking, but I try to curb myself and re-emphasize during school the importance of good grammar.
maybe it's because of many factors that really affects ourselves in such many ways. maybe it's really in the culture of a person, if their pronunciation is a little bit hard than the way the English should be, and if that is how he had grown up, then there is really a fact that he might not get a perfect English spelling and pronunciation. another is the way a school teaches the students. believe it or not, there are schools that do not care for the quality of education for their students. my friend told me her school treated her and also to the other students in their school. the teachers just make a past time inside their room, or even they don't teach at all. they just sign their attendance then go out. she also told me that grade one to grade six ( there are only six levels in our elementary schools), they are sharing in one lesson. and lastly, their school time is from 9:00 in the morning till 3:00 in the afternoon. that includes their brake and lunch time. and another is the motivation of a student on how he crave for a knowledge.
well, i know that while you are reading this message, there might be a mistake I've made. sorry if i have....one thing, just one thing...nobody's perfect. thanks!
The English language, per se, is doing well, however, the teaching and learning of it, is not..
Too often, the schools practice 'social passing' of courses, and, of course, English is one of those.. which is a shame..
And now, of course, we have No Child Left Behind, which I'm having trouble believing, since my 6 yo granddaughter, is just NOW in Kindergarten, and that's behind, in my opinion, but, since her mom works, and is caucasian and married, welllll, too bad, so sad...

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