Is it Require or Requires?

Question:This is a grammar question.
Fill the blank
Hammering nails ______ the proper tools ( Require or Requires) The subtleness is pretty confusing.

It is requires, because the action of Hammering,( in this case used as the subject), is a singular third person noun.
1st person- I require
2nd person singular- you require
3rd person singular- he/she/it requires
1st person plural- we require
2nd person plural- you require
third person plural- they require
requires is modifiying "hammers".

Requires. I find that tricky grammar questions make more sense if you think about how you would say it. We often have better grammar when we speak than when we write.
requires....beacuase you are only mentioning one source of action which is hammering....if it were more than one...require would be used.
It's "requires".

The verb must refer back to the noun, which in this case is "[The act of] hammering nails".

The implied noun "act" is singular, therefore you add an "s" to the verb.

I hope that makes sense to you. That way one of us can understand it. :)

May God bless you.

The subject is "hammering", hence "hammering requires the proper tools."
Nails don't requre tools, hammering does. Therefore,

Hammering nails requires the proper tools.
The gerund 'hammering' is the subject of the verb here, and so the verb must be REQUIRES. It doesn't matter what you are actually hammering---------you could say, hammering wood or hammering metal or hammering tacks or hammering nails...............the verb still must be requireS, with the 's'.

Yes, it is confusing, but I assure you that this is correct!
It's "require." If "nails" was singular, it would be "requires" instead. Hammering nails require the proper tools. That sounds a lot better than: Hammering nails requires the proper tools.
hammering nails requires the proper tools.

you have double plurals, nails and tools
requires a hammer or maybe a stone
(the act of) Hammering nails __requires___ the proper tools.

The nails aren't hammering, they are being hammered.
Singular subject - use requires
Plural subject - use require

A dog requires a leash.
Dogs require a leash.

Hammering is a singular act.
this is single action of hammering which requires the proper tools

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