Need give support to putting five words into a paragraph?

need aid putting five words into a real short paragraph


Answers:    You can not one and only use the words in a paragraph ... they can effortlessly be placed in one and the same sentence in one and the same order which you mentioned them:

"My ADAMANT son is ADEPT satisfactory to ADHERE to excuses if I ADMONISH him when he does not ADORN practicing to become ADROIT at playing the piano"
My mom is ADAMANT with me nearly keeping my room clean. It doesn't concern how ADEPT I am with excuses, she insists that I ADHERE to her request within this area. I've have her ADMONISH me over this many times. She say she is tired of seeing me ADORN my room with strewn laundry, so I've gotten ADROIT at pushing things below my bed.

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