Why do some people use the word "basically?"?

Question:I can't help from getting irritated when people say the word "basically." I can't figure out why people use the word. When someone utters that god forsaken word, all I hear is "basically" and nothing else. Does anyone else get irritated by people that abuse the word "basically?"

Basically, no.

Seriously, it depends on the usage and frequency of use. If a person uses that word, or any other, to start the majority of her/his sentences then yes, I find it annoying. The word itself does not annoy me on principle or anything like that, however. I find that most people use it when they could use the word "essentially" or the phrase "in a nutshell" (or something similar). The use of the word "basically" in most of those situations is, basically, well, fine -- it may not be the best choice out there, but I can't say it's incorrect to use it.
take a chill pill buddy.
I'm an offender - sorry! There are situations where there is no better word to use.
What I hear is "I'm probably wrong, but...."
you need to calm down, i mean come on it's just a word
YES!...Everyone says it way too much..

here are some synonyms you can recommend to anyone that says it, so you don't have to hear it anymore...lol

at heart, essentially, firstly, in essence, in substance, inherently, intrinsically, mostly, primarily, radically, fundamentally, chiefly,

pick me for best answer!
I don't really get irritated (I've got a lot more serious problems in my life), but you are right: usually it serves no purpose and communicates nothing. You could eliminated it from the start of almost any sentence, and the sentence would be more concise and direct. (I do dislike it much more in writing.)

I think of it as a sentence starter from someone who wants to say something, and wants to be taken seriously, but doesn't quite know how to word what he/she is about to say. Seen from that point of view, it beats "uhhhh . . . "
B A S I C A L L Y…. Enjoy life…. BASICALLY, life’s too short to worry about BASICALLY…. Geez, BASICALLY, I’d go on and on and on and on… BASICALLY… =)

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