What does this Greek phrase pethi mou or pedi mou translate to in English?

Question:I read a lot of romance books and I am always coming across several Greek phrases I have found out what the meaning of everything but this one I have it spelled two different ways I do not know if it is two seperate meanings or the same but when I look it up to translate it tells me that it can not be found

Both phrases are for the greek "παιδί μου"
(pronounced "peTHI mooh", th like in "the"
- δ is transcribed as d in most cases).
It means "my child", but apart from the literal meaning,
it has the sense of a type of address to people with whom there is familiarity (friends and relatives).
For example, " - (pedi mou), listen to me, I'm telling you I saw the whole scene with my very own eyes".
reminds me of petit mal referring to epilepsy
It means "my child"
It should be spelled paidi mou but it is pronounced pethi mou
spelled it wrong, but it means my child.

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