What you think Haole mean?

Question:I hear all kine stuff and it just really gets on my nerves! I came from an all Hawaiian school and we learned where the term Haole came from. I just wrote something 'bout da definition 'bout "Haole" 'cause lots of peeps don't know da true meaning & definition. Haole means "no breath". Ancient Hawaiians used to rub noses to greet one another. When foreigners arrived, they didn't greet that same way & therefore was given that name. Haole does not only derive from your ethnicity. I know people who have very lil Hawaiian blood but have more pride than some who have more Hawaiian. It does not matter how much Hawaiian blood u have to know u are Hawaiian.

You're right on. "ha" means "breath" and "'ole" means "without". when i was at the University of Hawai'i, i remember hearing this same definition, and i agree with you 100%. Even though the Puku'i Elbert Dictionary does not reference this meaning (probably due to the social climate under which the dictionary was published), i've heard the explanation one too many times to dispute it. BTW, if you don't already have it, here is the link to the amazing 'Ulukau online Hawaiian Dictionary that includes Puku'i Elbert, Mamaka Kaio, Place Names of Hawai'i, and more. http://wehewehe.olelo.hawaii.edu/cgi-bin...

A hui hou,
na Tita Ha'ole
what a word means in its modern context and where the word came from are two different things. your statement is incredibly hard to read through, try normal english next time not all the peeps are down wit dat yo.
This could be one of the meanings. A "breath" meaning as in a spirit. The other definition used more often is that of a person from a foreign land as in NOT FROM HAWAII. I am glad that you went to an all Hawaiian school but if you do not have any provable Hawaiian blood then I am sorry to say that you can not be considered truly Hawaiian no matter how much you love the Hawaiian land and such. Also, this tale told about the nose kiss just doesn't make much sense. White people never give each other a hug or get up close with their faces when making a greeting? That's untrue.

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