What is it called when you read backwards?

Question:My friend Stacey and I are having this discussion about what it is called when you read backwards,....can anyone fully explain this to us?

A backward reader.

dyslexia (spelling?)
When someone reads backwards it means they have dyslexia.
Reading backwards is called "reading backwards". It's not dyslexia, which is just a learning disorder which affects people's grasp of reading.
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Dyslexia is when your brain sees the letters in a different order than how they are displayed. It doesn't necessarily mean backwards but rather inter-displaced. You can read "potato" as "patoto" or "topato". That's not backwards, just slighty dis-arranged. Mirror-imaging, however, is when you can read a word in the exact reverse order. Or so I've been told.
People who are dyslexic don't actually read backwards, and I've never actually heard of anyone who unintentionally reads backwards; although it is, of course, possible to read backwards. I have known of little children writing backwards without meaning to do so. Also, certain cultures write and read from right to left, but I'm kind of thinking that's not what you were referring to.
I would it would be a self induced form of dyslexia.
are you fool because nobody reading backward ok suppose if you reading backward this is called vomit reading

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