What do you call a person who has to have everything clean and straight?

Question:the person is NOT me!

ocd=obsessive compulsive disorder
Obsessive compulsive or maybe just anal.
Perfectionist .
Uncle Wil
obsessive compulsive, anal-retentive, neat-freak... those are the only ones I can think of.
Anywhere from just neat and clean to obsessive. Do you think this person would hire a house cleaner and spend the day before the cleaner comes cleaning up?
my stepmother. haha we always joke that she is OCD. im sorta like that but get messy when im depressed. theres a difference between neat freak and crazy.
a NEATNIK!!LOL..or a neat-freak..but kinda prefer neatnik(assume it exists cuz I read it on Dear Margo , I think!)

if it's really severe,they have OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder!)

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